How to create a new eclipse Maven project

TheĀ Maven Integration for Eclipse plugin makes it very easy to create a new Maven project from an archetype as shown in this little guide. The sreenshots below come from a eclipse Luna Release (4.4.0).

In this example is first my archetype catalogue installed as a remote catalogue and it can be downloaded from to see how an Maven archetype catalogue should look like. If an archetype catalogue should be installed as a local archetype catalogue is it recommended that it is installed in the Maven user home directory at ~/.m2 or at %HOMEPATH%\.m2 for Windows.

How to install a Maven archetype catalogue

To install a Maven archetype catalogue in eclipse, open Window, Preferences, Maven, Archetypes and click on Add Remote Catalog… for this example. Enter the details shown below and click OK to close.


How to create a new Maven project from a Maven archteype

Now will we see how we easily can create a new high quality Maven project from an archetype in the Maven archeteype catalogue that just was installed.

Click on New, Maven Project which open the dialogue below:


Select the archetype catalogue that just was installed in the next dialogue:


There is also a button in this dialogue, not is shown in the screenshot above, to create the project from another archetype not included in a catalogue.

Finally enter appropriate Maven Coordinates, something like the example below, and click on Finish:


Now will a new project be created from the Maven archetype, like in the screenshot below if my Maven quickstart application archetype as shown in the example above was used.