I have been a passionate application developer for agile custom high productive and high quality Java application development in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo in more than 15 years and I have spent more than five thousand hours to learn it well. I have however now finally accepted that I never will have a chance to apply much of that skills as there are no companies with such opportunities in my region. And that is not because there isn’t any ongoing Java development but because the managers, architects and other people that manage the Java developers have a weird understanding about what it really is to work as a Java developer.

They treat them as resources despite that Java development actually is a difficult job for specialists that require a lot of continuous learning and practice to master. They ask for simple skills about specific products when they instead should ask for experiences from test-driven development according to the TDD-cycle, thorough understanding of object oriented design and design patterns and experiences from and interest in clean code. That are characteristics that differ resources from true senior Java developers.

I have now stopped maintain my skills until further as I finally have accepted that it never will bring me any career opportunities at all or have any impact on my salary development, which is crazy, of course. I see Java development as an exciting passion but I can’t stand with it when there are no opportunities to grow in my role. I am still working as a Java developer but now only for my survival and only as one of those resources for staffing of low quality development without passion.

I would not say that I never would accept a new employment as a Java developer if a really interesting opportunity show up. It doesn’t have to be for perfect high quality Java development but there must at least be an insight and willingness in the team to change the development toward more qualified and high productive development with better code quality. Otherwise am I not the right person for the job, and probably is my career as a Java developer now reaching its final retirement.

I am not open for relocation which otherwise maybe could helped me find better opportunities. Unlike myself is my wife, Ann-Christine, doing an interesting career for an employer that invests a lot in her. I would like to stay in Lund where I live now and as it is, it pays better for itself if we invest in her career instead of mine.

Information technology and development will always stay as one of my interests, of course, but I am also a private investor since more than 20 years and I have a large interest in genealogy and cultural history. Particularly the more than 2 000 years long history of my own home town, Lund. That are interests that motivates me more than low quality Java development and it is what I will spend my time on instead.